Library of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society

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The Library of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society comprises literature on the theory and technique of psychoanalysis, its scientific history, and the life and work of Sigmund Freud.

With a collection of approximately 4000 volumes and several ongoing journals, it provides a representative overview of the key themes in psychoanalysis and possesses foundational psychoanalytic works.

The library is a reference library. All books and journals are available for regular and provisional members of the WPV and can be used for on-site reading and making photocopies. Non-members are invited to contact the librarians of the WPV for the use of the library. Copy cards can be obtained for Dr. Pranger in the office. You can view an alphabetical listing of the available book inventory at the office (in a file) or in the electronic catalog on the WPV homepage (


Mag. Monika Huber,
Mag. Moritz Schwab,
Office of the VPS: Dr. Ingrid Pranger,